Nemorino, L'elisir d'amore

Florentine Opera, 2015

Photo credit: Kathy Wittman

Photo credit: Kathy Wittman


"Rolando Sanz's Nemorino was built of gorgeous musical deliveries, including an "Una furtiva lagrima" that won the biggest applause of the evening. The tenor used light-footed physical energy and priceless, communicative facial expressions to make the audience care what happened to him."
Elaine Schmidt, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"If versatility is the mark of a solid opera performer, then tenor Rolando Sanz is as sturdy as they come. A few years ago, he played a dashing Alfredo in the Florentine Opera’s memorable 2013 production of La traviata. In this weekend’s staging of Donizetti’s L’elisir d’amore, he plays a different kind of romantic lead: the comically pining, somewhat schlubby Nemorino — a common worker desperately in love with the beautiful and capricious Adina. The story provides him some comic ups-and-downs, and Donizetti gives him the passionately tender show-stopper, 'Una furtiva lagrima,' which Sanz sang with tenderness and conviction. Sanz’s tenor was warm and engaging throughout, but he didn’t lose sight of the modesty of Nemorino (translation — no showboating)."
Paul Kosidowski, Milwaukee Magazine

"Just as richly hued were the voices of this splendid cast. Most affecting was the warm tenor voice of Rolando Sanz. Played with a bit more buffoon than lovesick puppy, Sanz’s Nemorino was a joy from beginning to end. His most impressive moment was, not surprisingly, the opera’s most famous  aria, “Una furtiva lagrima.” Sanz made an intimate artistic choice, using a tender pianissimo to bring the listener to him, which was a much more satisfying option than the usual all-about-me offerings that many tenors employ. Nemorino is touched to the core by Adina’s “one furtive tear,” and Sanz made the scene all the sweeter by not bellowing about it. If he wanted to, he might have taken his time moving into the cadence. He certainly has the voice for it."
William Barnewitz, Urban Milwaukee Dial