Paolo, Francesca da Rimini

Princeton Festival, 2012

Photo credit: Michael Yoon

Photo credit: Michael Yoon


"Rolando Sanz’s clear, resonant tenor made a very good impression as Paolo. Clearly well coached, Gaertner, Sanz and Olson handled the Russian text best."
David Shengold, Opera News

"The singers were better than one could hope for: Caroline Worra (Francesca) and Rolando Sanz (her lover, Paolo) enlivened their stock characters and sustained the theatrical sense of the piece throughout extended narrative passages."
David Patrick Stearns, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Tableau 2 is really the heart of the work, the love scene between Paolo and Francesca. The two gradually kindle their passion as Paolo recounts the story of Lancelot and Queen Guinevere. This section, written before the rest of the opera, is the most lyrical, with gorgeous melodies and some lovely exposed cello passages. Sanz and Worra are both very affecting performers."
Bob Brown,

"Tenor Rolando Sanz handled well his role as the ‘other man,’ somehow knowing that Francesca would eventually come around."
Nancy Plum, Town Topics

"The performance and staging in Princeton is stunning by any measure. The orchestra under Richard Tang Yuk played superbly and the singing by Stephen Gaertner, Caroline Worra and Rolando Sanz, thrillingly idiomatic in sound."
James Camner, Opera—L