Boris, Kát'a Kabanová

Spoleto Festival USA, 2014

Photo credit: Julia Lynn

Photo credit: Julia Lynn


"Rolando Sanz brings a ringing tenor voice to Boris's shallow persona..."
George Loomis, Financial Times

"Rolando Sanz is outstanding as the weak-willed Boris, Kát'a's lover who is, like she, at the mercy of a bullying relative."
Elizabeth Pandolfi, Charleston City Paper

"Milquetoasts they may be, but the tenors who fill out the love triangle, Dennis Peterson...and Rolando Sanz as the younger, more desirable Boris, are both outstanding."
Perry Tannenbaum, Classical Voice America

"...we knew that the would-be lover Boris (sung by an ardent Rolando Sanz) didn't have the strength to save Kát'a from isolation and destruction."
Lawrence Toppman, Opera News